Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The week that was.

Well, I am sitting here at the airport, waiting for my delayed flight.
Don't feel too sorry for me as i am watching the first NBA game of
the year. Lebron vs. the Celtics. Good timing! I am hearing pretty
good these days. My hearing aids have been finely tuned and it is
great to finally hear my wife, my children, the keyboard and
everything else going on around me. I am officially welcomed to the
hearing world. Amazing what technology can do these days. It has
also been great to be there while Rhoda was welcomed to America for
the first time. I had some great relaxing time with my family,
especially with Rhoda. It was great to introduce her to my family and
be there while she experienced everything for the first time. I am
also thankful for some time with my parents who I hadn't seen in two
years. I was able to connect with the pastors at Crossroads and
connect with some friends. The bummer part of the week was getting
sick. I couldn't go to church and it limited my time with my family. But God is sovereign and all things work(ed) for good. I am feeling much better, but not perfect yet... Praying for a healthy flight! The Demon Hunter band is on the way to London for their tour and they are sitting right behind me... They are probably blogging about me sitting in front of them:)
The week went by really fast and yet I am thankful for all that God
has done in this week... I head back to Zambia for 3 weeks to finish
my teaching and then come back for our furlough. Thanks for your
prayers and please pray for my family while I am gone... Thanks so much!

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