Sunday, November 07, 2010

Four In One, Part II

Well, Kelly and I made our way through Kanyama into Chibolya and then Kabwata for our tour of churches this morning.  We visited Pastor Mumbi(s) church in Kanyama, then Pastor Joseph Zulu also in Kanyama and then Pastor Kashewe's church in Chibolya and then Pastor Simuyemba's church in Kabwata.  It was a good morning, busy with lots of off-road driving and a freaky drive through a market with hundreds of people surrounding our car.  I preached at Pastor Simuyemba's church which is always good fun.  One more Sunday of touring and I will have a sweet video put together of all the pastors in our ACTION Pastor's College for my furlough in two weeks to show you our pastors up close and personal. You are just going to have to be at church or get together to see it!

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