Monday, November 22, 2010


It feels great to be "home."  It isn't our home, but wherever family is, is home.  So even though I left our official "home," I now feel more at home because my family is here.  A smooth couple flights, a nice morning at Jubilee Church hearing my friend Adrian Warnock preach, and then another flight, where I met someone who knows the whole crowd I knew in college, I prepared a sermon for Northlake where I will be preaching on December 12,  and read a couple good books on the kindle reader: Radical by David Platt which I am really enjoying the conviction found therein and Decision Points by George Bush.  I journaled some, prayed some, listened to my ipod and dozed and am thankful to be home... The girls didn't quite know what to do with the beard, but now, they don't need to worry, it's gone.  Three weeks went by fast and slow.  I was busy the entire time and the blog shows a lot of what I was able to do during the time.  But, now I am home and the next 7 weeks are pretty wonderfully packed.  This morning I am off to pick up Bruce Kaumba, a pastor in our program, who spent three months at Sifat in Alabama and then a weekend with Pete Williamson in Bellingham who had been over to Zambia three times and had gotten to know Bruce.  I'll be picking him up, taking him to Dick's Drive In to meet not only a Seattle establishment but also Tyler and Owen who were in Zambia for a few months each... Good times. Please pray for our health during this first, busy, relaxing, Thanksgiving week... And thanks for ALL your continued prayers and support! 

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