Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Progress has a face

This is about as a cool of story that I could write on this blog...
Peter Zulu is a pastor from our class bought this property along the
river (if you can call it that) about three years ago. And pangono,
pangono (bit by bit) he has cleared the land, dug a foundation, bought
a brick here and there, and prepared the land. He has perservered and
persevered and persevered. He has literally sacrificed food, money and
time to see this school/church building be raised up. There are about
60 kids in the neighborhood who can't afford school but have been
given a free education at Peter's school. He is also a pastor of a
church on Sundays that was the back half of his house which he
sacrficied so they could have a place to meet for school. It has been
fun to also watch people who have visited donate a little here and
there to this project as well. My nephew and niece were a part of
that. So fun to think that a 19 and 18 year old could play such a
pivotal role in changing the world all the way over here in Zambia.
Anyway, he finished the building and had church on Sunday in their new
building. School will start back up in January in this new location
as well.

Thought I would show you a cool video I made about Peter!

You can find it here!

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