Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a SIMPLE reunion

This morning I went to Rhoda's old orphanage, Kid's Alive, to give
them our chickens. While I was there, Davern asked if I could give all
the kids a ride to the clinic for their Under 5 checkup. So, I did.
We jammed out to the Hokey Pokey and YMCA and Macarena on the way
there and back. I still can't believe the progress of little Sarah
who I am holding... (and what do you think of the new bearded Steve?)
What a little sweetheart, completely abandoned, with a flat head when
she came in... Now, she is walking, clapping and soooooooo sweet! She
will probably have some learning difficulties because of her
condition, but I am just proud and thankful for Davern and their team
for loving her back to life. If you want to help contribute to this
orphanage by sponsoring an orphan, click this link: A friend who adopted a child from here the same time
we were adopting set up this site to help this specific orphanage.
So, click the site, sign up, and be inspired to see how you can simply
change the world!

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