Friday, November 19, 2010

A testimony of God's grace.

So, we had our final exam for the Old Testament survey class that I have been teaching.  (Still feels weird that I am giving exams, but it feels good, like I am finally getting and giving payback!)  We did lots of things in the course, focusing on really helping them get a bit picture of the whole Old Testament and how everything fits into the grand story.  I asked the students what helped them most in the class on the exam...


I was encouraged by the responses and I thought I would share some of them to glory of God who gives grace to teach and do anything good. ( I have been feeling discouraged lastly as I wasn’t sure I did a complete job, so this is a good encouragement.) 


One student said they really appreciated learning the unfolding of God’s plan to save mankind since creation and the walk through the Bible that we did with motions that helped them to follow and remember God’s plan especially from the divided kingdom to the return back to Jerusalem. Another pastor said that the learning of the covenants was helpful, in addition to learning how Christ  fulfills the Old Testament. Another pastor said that the Walk through the Bible, learning the eras and memorizing the Bible books have been a great help to him as a pastor. Another pastor said something great. He  said, “I am able to hold this part of the Bible in his palm.” (That is the greatest encouragement he could have said. That is exactly what I want them to be able to do!)  One other pastor appreciated understand the timeline of the prophets.


 So, anyway, I am encouraged to see that the pastors have learned what I hoped they would learn... We have one more year of class before they finish their three year bible school.  I will be teaching New Testament survey next quarter.  Bring it on!



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