Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Princess

We had a wonderful day in Bellevue... I know everyone has a million
pictures to share of their Christmas day so I don't presume that you
are waiting by the blog to see ours... But I just had to show this
one. Rhoda and her new princess doll... The princess Tiana was from a
really bad, dark, disney movie that we will never see (heard this from
others) but Rhoda doesn't know that... All she knows is that it is a
princess that looks like her! (And the same princess that she met in
Disneyland!) She will redeem the princess! Anyway, we had a great
day with Rhoda and all our family. She was so sweet and enjoyed her
day and her new family so much!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not sure if you are keeping up with the news...

But, we are experiencing records amounts of rain here in California this week...

And so imagine, that rain, in Disneyland and Palm Springs, and we will have a family reunion, 50th anniversary, Christmas memory to talk about for many years to come.

They are saying this kind of rain hasn't hit Los Angeles for 50 years. How appropriate that we can celebrate a 50 year anniversary of my parents marriage and record rain storms. After all, they did live in the northwest all of their marriage...

We are still having a great time. Swimming and singing in the rain...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A good time in Bellingham

I was up at Northlake last weekend. Great to see the Northlake
friends again, as I preached in the morning (If you want to hear it,
you can hear it at this link: and shared about
Zambia in the afternoon and shared with the youth in the evening. I
was happily exahusted... The previous night I was able to hear the
band "The Pacific Madrone" play. They were putting on a benefit
concert for ACTION Zambia. It was cool in many respects. First, they
raised $372 dollars. Second, it was two of my former youth worship
band leaders in the same band (Jason on the left from Crossroads and
Evan on the far right from Northlake). And third, they were an unbiased
AMAZING. They have such a great unique sound that was just worshipful,
fun, upbeat, and unique. So enjoyed the concert. Enjoyed seeing and
hanging with old friends again. We drove home late that night in
pounding rain, but, you know, after driving in Zambia with its
potholes, no street lights, everyone driving in high beams all the
time, well, I just won't be complaining any time soon.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life is...

Life is sooooo crazy. So much to update on this little blog of ours, but I. Just.
Don't. Have. The. Time!

But vacation is a'comin! We leave Thursday for California.

Perhaps, then. Maybe. Don't hold your breath. But, thanks for caring.

Stephanie's parents have been so great and helpful!

So many people have been praying and so encouraging...

Visit to the Northlake was so refreshing and encouraging. We so enjoyed our time.

We spoke at a senior's dinner at Crossroads Bible Church tonight. They were gracious and encouraging.

Date night with my beautiful bride last night was fun.

More to come!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fun Weekend Ahead!

The Allen crew is absolutely pumped to be heading an hour and half north this weekend to... (are you ready?)

1. Be a part of a Zambia benefit concert put on by three of my former youth students who are now raising money for our mission in Zambia!!! Check out the details below:
Zambia Benefit Show w/ The Pacific Madrone & Friends

Saturday, December 11 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Location Oikos Fellowship Church
Created By
The Pacific Madrone, Evan J. Bryant, Steve Allen, Tyler Rablin, David Coble

Hey everyone, we are throwing a benefit show for our good friends and missionaries, The Allen Family and The Huckaby Family. Who are part of ACTION International Zambia Africa. All proceeds will go to Steve Allen's work training pastors of local Zambian churches, and Kelly & Tricia Huckaby's work with Ciyanjano (a camp serving local churches and pastors).

Cover Charge: $5 (extra donations optional)

The Show Schedule:
Band of David
Lampost Revival
The Pacific Madrone

2. On Sunday Morning, Dec 11, I am preaching at Northlake Community Church at the 8:45 and 10:30 services.

3. Then, there is a soup lunch afterwards where we are sharing all things Zambia

4. Then, at 6:30 we are sharing with the youth ministries at their Christmas party last group of the year event!!!

So, needless to say we need your prayers!!! Thank you soooooo much!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Home (Need to rent our) Sweet Home

Well, we are facing a bit of surprise this past month.  Our wonderful tenant in our rented home is planning on moving out at the end of January...  So, we are in a bit of scramble trying to find  a new renter amidst an already margin-less schedule... Would love to ask for some prayer and any referrals you might know about.

Here is the link to our Craigslist posting. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please forward this email or connect them to this blog. Click here for the listing:

Thanks so much!

Steve and Stephanie Allen

The Allen Family 2010

Saturday, December 04, 2010

A little bit of everything...

We have been having a great time here in Washington with family as a
family... We just spent three days with two of my cousins and their
families in Oak Harbor. Even in freezing temps, the kids couldn't stay
off the beach. We have been to Bellingham to see friends and now
Steph's brother and sis-in-law are in town. Just wanted to update you
since we are blogging sparsely!! We speak at Crossroads Sunday school
tomorrow and Steve is preaching at Northlake next week. Nice being
home to watch the U.W. win the Apple Cup! Go Dawgs! Thanks for
remembering us in your prayers! We need 'em. Our time here is going
fast, much too fast...