Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Princess

We had a wonderful day in Bellevue... I know everyone has a million
pictures to share of their Christmas day so I don't presume that you
are waiting by the blog to see ours... But I just had to show this
one. Rhoda and her new princess doll... The princess Tiana was from a
really bad, dark, disney movie that we will never see (heard this from
others) but Rhoda doesn't know that... All she knows is that it is a
princess that looks like her! (And the same princess that she met in
Disneyland!) She will redeem the princess! Anyway, we had a great
day with Rhoda and all our family. She was so sweet and enjoyed her
day and her new family so much!


Lisa said...

Huh... I wouldn't say "The Princess and the Frog" was any darker than "Sleeping Beauty" or "Snow White". Actually, those two could be scary for young kids! It all depends on what your standards are.

Steve said...

I guess being in Zambia we are much more sensitive to the demonic and witchcraft and voodoo. A fellow missionary saw it with his adopted Zambian daughter and was deeply disturbed by it. Too bad that the first African-American princess couldn't be more of a princess and less a frog. I think that is why I said it was darker and we wouldn't be seeing it and why I think it is scarier than the other two you mentioned...
Thanks for commenting...

Rachael said...

So happy for Rhoda! She looks so sweet in the picture!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for expressing your sensitivity to the demonic. People in America might not entertain themselves as much with the questionable movies, Halloween, and other "normal" worldly things if they saw what you see first hand.

The deceiver does have limited power, but power none the less! Engaging in it opposes Phil. 4:8 as well as countless other passages.