Thursday, December 16, 2010

A good time in Bellingham

I was up at Northlake last weekend. Great to see the Northlake
friends again, as I preached in the morning (If you want to hear it,
you can hear it at this link: and shared about
Zambia in the afternoon and shared with the youth in the evening. I
was happily exahusted... The previous night I was able to hear the
band "The Pacific Madrone" play. They were putting on a benefit
concert for ACTION Zambia. It was cool in many respects. First, they
raised $372 dollars. Second, it was two of my former youth worship
band leaders in the same band (Jason on the left from Crossroads and
Evan on the far right from Northlake). And third, they were an unbiased
AMAZING. They have such a great unique sound that was just worshipful,
fun, upbeat, and unique. So enjoyed the concert. Enjoyed seeing and
hanging with old friends again. We drove home late that night in
pounding rain, but, you know, after driving in Zambia with its
potholes, no street lights, everyone driving in high beams all the
time, well, I just won't be complaining any time soon.

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