Sunday, January 02, 2011

All places meaningful

I love that title. All places meaningful. Hmm... That should be a book or album cover title. :) Anyway, this last week has been all that and more. I drove through Yakima this past week (my birthplace) en route to Camp Ghormley where I hung out and spoke to a bunch of high schoolers. I first attended this camp as a youth leader some 11 or so years ago. So many memories of that place. It is where Stephanie and I and a bunch of students entered the year 2000. It is where I came as a counselor. It is where I led the group as a youth pastor. And now to return as a camp speaker was extra special. It was also so encouraging how great a job Phil and Rene are doing as the leaders of the ministry. I brought Kamryn and Bradyn along with me and it wasn't long before they were mixing it up with the high schoolers. I came home early the last night in order to get some sleep before heading up to Bellingham for the weekend but I was so thankful for my time there...

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