Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back To Zambia

Riddle: Where can you be and not be at the same time? 
Answer: Home. 
It may not seem like that is the answer, but we are sure every missionary understands what it is like to be home when you are away from home 
We are not sure how 3 months can feel like 3 minutes, but we can attest that it does. We are so thankful for all your encouragement, smiles, and hugs. We head back to Zambia with tears, both happy and sad, going "home" while leaving "home." We are heading back for one more year, completing our three year curriculum at the ACTION Pastor's College where I teach. 
We never really had a "plan" going to Zambia. We went with the understanding that it could be for life. But, life really is a day by day process and we are/were taking it day by day. After some concentrated prayer time last year, we feel God leading us to finish the third year of our Bible College, but then to come back and pastor in the states. It is true that I have been teaching the pastors' minds, but they have been teaching my soul. After four years of learning how to be a missionary to the world, we sense God wants us to come back and lead a church to learn from and reach the world. The how and where has not been laid out just yet, but we will pray and wait in expectation for Ephesians 2:10 to be fulfilled in our lives. 
So, we go with bittersweet expectation. We love it here with family and friends. We love it there with our friends who have become like family. Since we can't be at both places at the same time, we must miss one. 
So, please pray for us as we leave on Tuesday to pour our hearts and souls into one more year. We are committed to living each day and not worrying about the 365 days to come. 
Please pray for a wonderfully beautiful, peaceful, restful 24 hour travel schedule (9 hours to London and 9 hours to Lusaka with 6 hours resting in between)... Or you can just pray we make it without getting sick and/or claustrophobic. 
Please pray that we would be supernaturally unjetlagged. (I'm serious) 
Please pray for a quick turnabout in getting ready for my classes next Monday AND for me as I lead the PLD ministry. (My teaching partner has had to travel back to the states unexpectedly due to a family emergency) 
Please pray for all our baggage, passports, bodies, and minds to get there safely. 
Thank you so much! 
And a special thank you to Crossroads Bible Church, Northlake Community Church and Oikos Fellowship for their encouragement during this time. 


Anonymous said...

In the 2nd grade class I subbed for today, there was a cute girl that looked like a young version of Kamryn. So, you guys were on my mind and I prayed for your travels throughout the day.

Also, I can relate to the feeling of having two homes (CA and WA)...I know its different circumstances than missionaries have, but, I can relate.

-Cami C

Dani McDowell CD(DONA) said...

Man! So sorry we missed you guys! We really wanted to see you but with a new baby and getting sick with some nasty coughs and colds, I'll bet you're glad we didn't see you!
Praying for safe travels... love you all!
Matt and Dani

TanyKaarin said...


TanyKaarin said...

Thinking of you all! I hope that all has gone well and you have made it back safely! We so enjoyed our time together although it was short! Hope to be able to be together again soon! We will be praying for jetlag and sleep etc. We know what that is like! Love you all!!!