Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Marrying Kind

I love marrying people. Especially people I know well. Dan and Carly
Garland are the perfect example of people I love to marry. Lots of
history, great memories, fun people and by the grace of God, a very
bright future. It was a sweet reunion. Lot of former students
together celebrating this beautiful marriage. It was truly a perfect
wedding except for one thing: I had my tie tucked into my shirt:)
Hilarious in a good humbling way. You can't tell in these pictures but
I have seen others:)

Anyway, that evening my girls were inspired to try on Steph's and
their grandma's dress along with some past flower girl dresses. It was
a bit surreal to say the least. I am not ready to be walking any of my
girls down the aisle anytime soon. But they sure do look beautiful,
don't they...? I am sure that it will just be a couple of blinks and
that day will be here...


Dani McDowell CD(DONA) said...

Adorable and beautiful!
That brings me back to when my three sisters and I used to play wedding and try on Mom's dress! SO fun!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hmmmm :D

You know... we have three boys... we could always arrange something ;D