Saturday, February 05, 2011

Berries for life

We had three girls show up at our house the other day. They could see the
berries over our wall, and so they asked if they could pick some. These
berries are pretty tart and we don't really like them. So, of course, we
would love for the girls to come and take them. They will either sell them
or eat them or both. It is a great way to make some kwacha. I noticed as
the girls were walking through our gate that two of the girls were sharing
shoes. One had one on the left and the other had the other on the right. So,
we decided to give them an extra pair of shoes. While looking for shoes we
also found skirts and a few shirts. They welcomed these gladly,
enthusiastically and with a bit of pushing and shoving. Afterwards our
girls had fun with their girls jumping on the trampoline. It is these kind
of moments that I love when our kids can be missionaries, too. When they
left, they said they would come back "tomorrow." And they did. I think by
9:00am:) Our girls were busy with school and so the girls picked and then
left. But not before laying on the trampoline for a little while. Anyway,
just a cool moment of connecting and giving...

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