Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How the Poor are making me Rich

I was giving Patson a ride home yesterday after class. I asked him how he was doing. He said, “Oh, I have been very busy. It’s going to settle down now though. You may have noticed that I have been falling asleep in class. Even reading my notes. Last year, my kids couldn’t go to school because I had no money. This month I was working extra hard so I could send my kids to school.”

I shook my head in silence, humbled.

Later he said, “God is so good. I tell you what, he really loves us. He cares about every little detail. Even driving here, he cares about every detail of our lives. Even us here talking. He cares. He cares about everything we are going through.”

I shook my head in silence, smiling.

“I keep thinking about the things you said to me, Steve. God cares more about the children than I do. It helps me because I can get so anxious about the school and the children (he has a community school of 40 children and no outside support except for his job which he gives a majority of it away to support the school.) That has really helped me. I tell you that.”

I shook my head in silence, amazed.

I came here to minister, to give my life away. They (the poor ones) are the one’s who are ministering to me (the rich one), giving me in return a new life, one that is profoundly more rich and full.

I shake my head as I type this, thankful...

If you want to hear more about the lessons from these pastors, click this link to hear a sermon I preached during my home furlough on prayer, as taught by the pastors...

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