Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Internet is back...

The internet is back and so are we... (The picture is appropriate as the
internet feels a bit like that flower. Breathe to hard, or get to
comfortable, and away it goes. But we are VERY thankful to have internet
again. Kam is going to be blogging here really soon!) Stay tuned and brace
yourself for a flurry of blogs coming up to get us caught back up with all
that has happened since we have been back... Overall we are doing well,
having completed our first week of teaching last week (My teaching the
pastors and Stephanie teaching her sheep!). The clan seems to enjoy being
back, and have after school activities every day of the week, including
their favorite Horseback riding on Tuesdays. I have loved being back with
my pastors but as I shared before, the struggles haven't ended. One of my
pastors almost died over the holidays but recovered miraculously from his
sickness, three others are struggling to make ends meet. But there have been
victories as well, churches growing, community schools starting up again
with increased students and progress in life and families. They show up
every week, smiling faces, ready to learn, thankful for ACTION and we are
thankful for them.

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Herding Grasshoppers said...

Glad to hear you're getting settled and back in routine. Say hi to all the girls from us, and tell Kamryn we look forward to her blogging :D