Monday, February 21, 2011

Pastors praying for the sick

One of the goals of our Pastors Leadership Development ministry is to
encourage pastors to serve not only their churches, but also their
communities. One of the ways we have done that is by arranging hospital
visitations for the pastors. I accompanied Patson Sakala (second to right)
last week to the Ngombe clinic to pray and minister to the sick who were
waiting to be seen by the doctor. So far we have 5 pastors in our ACTION
Pastors College who are committing once a week to visit their local clinics
to pray with the sick through the ministry that was introduced and initiated
by Luke Whitfield. It has been a great source of evangelism as well as a
few pastors have seen. What better way to get people into your church who
have been healed and/or prayed for at a clinic! Tonight we are taking the
next step by going to the Ngombe Pastors Fellowship to encourage the pastors
gathered there to also commit to visiting their clinics weekly to pray for
the sick and hurting. Please pray for us to this end!

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