Friday, February 25, 2011

Sometimes a name fits

I was heading out to Kanyama a few weeks ago to pray for one my pastors'
wives who has been sick. We were on a Mzungu (white person) time schedule as
I had to be back for class, and we hit some really nasty traffic. So, we
decided to go the back way. Bordering Kanyama is a compound called
Chilboyea. It has a reputation for being very poor and rough place to live
in. Now, I have been through some poor compounds and seen a lot of hard
things, but I was totally unprepared for the type of poverty I experienced
during that short drive. From the smell to the pollution to the just
desolate, sad, depressed feeling I had driving through their was really
powerful and overwhelming. The sewage was so bad that we had to drive
through 3 feet of water (hopefully that was all it was), past pigs wallowing
in the street, and people just looking, I don't know, sad, I guess. We had a
few pastors in the car with us. I asked, What does Chilboyea mean? He said,
"Desolated streets. The people have left this place and moved on." I
couldn't believe how perfect that name fit for what I was seeing,
physically, mentally and even spiritually. Thankfully, we have a pastor in
this place, struggling to love the desolated ones. But, it is hard and
feels very fruitless. Pray for our pastors, please.

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