Friday, February 11, 2011

Spontaneously Routine

A couple days ago, I was at the pharmacy to get something for Steph.  I saw a white guy getting fitted for a back brace and among everything else, bought lots of medicine. I thought, “ I should pray for this guy.”  I was praying before I went to the store that I would get opportunity to redeem the time and share my faith. What better way to evangelize someone than to heal themJ?  Even though he was ahead of me, I only had one item and they put me ahead of him. So, I waited in the store a bit. But, the process took him awhile.  And so I left the store, waiting outside. But, as he exited the store, he started talking to this lady. So, I thought, “Well, I tried.”  I went the grocery store for about 15 minutes or so, getting the items I needed, I loaded them all in my shopping cart, and walked back to the elevator. I had parked on the upper level.  I opened the elevator, and rolled my cart in.  It is a pretty small elevator and it is a tight squeeze for a grocery cart and other people. As I was facing the back of the elevator, I felt someone enter the elevator, forcing me to move the cart and my body to allow him to enter. I was a bit annoyed to be honest. As I turned around to  face this intruder, I realized it was, yep, you guessed it, the bad back guy.  He had a pizza.  He had apparently taken his back medicine up to the car, saw the pizza place, came back down, ordered his pizza, waited for his pizza, got his pizza, walked back to the elevator, and got on to the elevator, barely, with some guy and his shopping cart. What he didn’t know was that guy was about to ask how his back is feelingJ  I did. I said, “How is your back feeling?” He looked at me with a freaked out, “how did you know look?”  After I explained that I wasn’t reading his mind and saw him at the Pharmacy, he shared how he fell down the stairs or something. I wasn’t really listening because I was so amazed at God’s providence in the whole thing and how for sure he was going to get healedJ  After we got out of the elevator, I said, “I am Christian, and I have seen people get healed of bad backs before. Can I pray for you?”  He was all for it.  As I put my hand on his back, he put his arm around my back.  I prayed a healing as a prayer I could pray. And... Well, nothing really changed. It was a bit awkward actually. But, on the way out, he asked me about myself. He later shared that his dad founded the Reformed Christian Church.  He was a member there. But, I don’t think by the way he smelled or looked (not trying to judge here) that he was going there anytime lately.  So, who knows what all that was for. Maybe he is healed now? Maybe he was encouraged to get his life back with God through the crazy providence? Maybe it was just for me, to show me that God really wants to move in cool ways if I would be willing to love and care God’s love and care for people in bold, risky ways? 

Why should a trip to the grocery store have to be routine anyway?

Let’s get bold in our askin’! 





Steve Allen




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