Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Student Teaching Students

One of our students, Bruce Kaumba, went to the U.S. last year for a few
months to train at SIFAT (Servants in Faith and Technology). He came back
with some great training, especially in the area of Community Development.
When Tracy, my teaching partner, suddenly had to go home for a few months to
deal with family illnesses, he asked Bruce to teach our students for two
weeks what he learned about community development in the states.

So, Bruce started yesterday and it was a very encouraging session. He
started with talking about the importance of meeting needs in the community
by asking the community what the needs were. He went through a sample survey
and each pastor had to work through what the needs were in their own
community. What I loved about it was the emphasis on getting to know the
needs of the community around by doing a simple survey listing the most
important needs in priority of importance. On this survey was sanitation,
water, food, housing, school fees, etc... It was fascinating listening to
the students share what were the most important needs they had in their
community and to see the light go on in how they as a church can reach out
to the community around them.

One example that Bruce shared was how he has organized his community to fund
a water hole. It wasn't a government or group that is bringing it to them
but a church implementing and organizing the community to help themselves.
It is a community effort to bring water to themselves so he is going around
the community, raising money, working together and they will have a water
station soon. Anyway, Bruce will be teaching for two weeks. This could be
a very important couple weeks for our students and I would appreciate your

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