Monday, March 14, 2011

Pastors Advancing through Retreating

We enjoyed a great day with the pastors at our Ciyanjano day retreat. It was encouraging in so many ways. I had purchased a football for the day from an organization called Alive and Kicking but I didn't have a needle to pump it up. So, since the organization is on the way, we stopped by, got it pumped up and got a tour of the company. Click on the alive and kicking link to see their mission, It is just as impressive to see the people working, many disabled, getting a paycheck, and lunch everday. Really cool.

We then proceeded to Ciyanjano where we had a worship time led by Nathan Ngoma, our Anglican father/pastor in our group. It was great for our pastors to learn a different type of worship. He spoke about Ash Wednesday and the history behind the worship. We sang lots of hymns, which is very unusual for our pastors.

We had some time of sharing and prayer, a great football game where I redeemed myself after getting picked last (last? I never got picked last at the playground:), shutting out the famed Zulu brothers as a goalkeeper. We also had a blast throwing the football around. So funny watching good athletes struggle with throwing and especially catching since all of their athletic experience is with their feet. We also roasted some hotdogs and S'mores over a fire, which felt really nice in 80 degree heat:) We sent Pete off with a cool prayer time, too. He leaves Thursday, but this would be the last time these pastors saw him during this trip. Pete has done another significant job here in Zambia. He is a great question asker, understands the importance of dissecting the culture to minister effectively and is wonderful at building relationships... A huge thanks to Pete and to Oikos Church for letting us borrow your pastor!

We ended with a sweet prayer and worship time. It was a much needed time of rest and fellowship with these hard working pastors.

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