Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pastor's Conference

We had a great pastor's conference in Ngombe this morning. Despite the
pounding rain which literally stopped the conference, we were able to
preach and teach the gospel. Pete spoke twice, Patson once and I
spoke at the end and led the pastors and leaders in communion. It was
a great time to see Patson preach and lead the conference. Two years
ago, he was unfairly let go of by his beloved church in Ngombe. It
was a very difficult and humbling time. But, out of that experience,
he has grown so much and now he has started a community school and
planted a church and is preaching at conferences! But, of course, he
is so gracious, he isn't out to show up his church like I probably
would have been:) (Ha! What do you think of me now? In your face!) He
rejoices in the sovereingty of God and is so thankful for where he is
now because of the difficult things he has faced. Just one more thing
to admire in my friend Patson.

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