Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Preaching the God I trust

Well, you missed out. Seriously. Patson came for breakfast this morning
and then to share his story during our family devotions. His story is
incredible. Incredible. He grew up in war-torn Mozambique, his
brother-in-law smuggled a bible from Zambia and he used to sneak in and read
it. It was there he first learned about the creator God. For many years,
he would pray to this God, this God he couldn't talk about for fear of being
killed, this God who he didn't know, but believed. He would pray and ask
for protection and God heard him. They escaped to Zambia many years later
as people were being betrayed and killed in his village. He once saw a
group of people burned in house just down from his. He met a pastor in
Zambia who gave him a job and mentored him. Now, he is a pastor and runs a
community school. What an incredible man disguised in normal human flesh.
And I get to hang out with him. The quote of the day: "I must preach this
God I trust." And, I am his teacher?

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