Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Slow down for Pete's Sake

Well, we have been on the move over here in Zambia and Pete has barely any
time to be jet lagged. We enjoyed a nice dinner with Patson before going to
the Ngombe Pastor's Fellowship where Pete preached on Romans 12:1-2 on
Monday, after he spoke to the Pastors at our Bible college. (At the
fellowship, I saw a pastor named Efram who was wearing a Godfather's Pizza
shirt. Brought back memories of my Sunday afternoon All-You-Can-Eat fests!)
He then spoke to our ACTION Zambia staff on Tuesday and spent the day with
the Huckabys. We went to the clinics on Wednesday morning to pray for the
Zambians at Ngombe. It is almost midnight here, and my poor little Jo-Jo is
coughing away in my bed as I type by computer light. Steph is in Jo's bed
and I am tempted to feel a bit sorry for myself until I remember all the
little babies whom I prayed for today, who are also suffering from a similar
cough thing that is going around. You know, it is difficult to get upset
about Obamacare or anything else after you have spent a morning at a
government clinic in Zambia. I think Pete might just agree. Words fail to
describe the chaos and lack of hope these Zambians have there. Anyway, a
great morning praying for people, sharing Christ and bringing hope,
hopefully, to the hopeless. He taught the pastors again this afternoon,
bringing a refreshing message and leading a passionate dialogue on the Great

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