Friday, March 04, 2011

Welcome "home" Pete

We have the privilege of welcoming Pete Williamson back for his fourth time
in two years (I think he likes Zambia.) It worked out well that we needed a
guest speaker with my partner, Tracy, home for a family situation. He
pastors Oikos Fellowship in Bellingham where I spoke when I was home two
years ago, and as a result of sharing about the needs we had in Zambia, the
Huckabys therein moved to Zambia as well. So his visit is not only for the
pastors but also for his former church members who have been here just about
8 months. Pretty cool! He knows the pastors, our family, the Huckafamily and
it is a win-win for everyone. He will be teaching at our Pastor's College,
a couple conferences, and a day long retreat as well as a couple of
churches. We have him busy! We started off his visit with a breakfast
with four of our pastors and it was a great four hour time of breakfast,
praying and talking. The most significant time in my mind was at the end
when they laid their hands on Pete and prayed for the next couple weeks that
God would use Pete in Zambia and Zambia in Pete for much good! The one
fuzzy picture is Jo-Jo giving Joseph a dress and blanky for his new little
girl, Joy, that is less than a week old! Great times!

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