Thursday, April 07, 2011

Trying not to sin

My wife told me the other day that I need to be careful not to favor Patson so much on my blog.  Favoritism is a big sin (see James 2).  I am trying hard not to sin but it is just so easy to favor him because, 1. He lives closer to me than any other pastor, 2. I was giving him a ride home three days a week and every time with Patson is significant, 3. Because he is doing some neat work and 4. Because he is just really blog worthy living.  I'll try to change in the future, but I wanted to share ONE more blog about a visit we had with Patson... Seeing his school in action, hearing about a new vision to have a room for orphans to sleep and stay, and more and more... Amazing guy.  I also included a couple other pictures. One is of Patson’s wife, being prayed for. She has had continual stomach pains. I thought they had been healed when Luke and I went there, but they hadn’t.   The other is his wife cooking Porridge for the children in their school.  Anyway,  I even recorded a conversation where he shared a bit about his heart for ministry and the future. You can find the unplanned recording of his conversation here with questions asked by Patrick, the missionary here, so you can hear it, and you'll see a bit more why I am trying hard not to sin. 

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