Thursday, May 19, 2011

A day with the pastors at Ciyanjano

I normally meet with four pastors for breakfast on Thursday morning, but we
decided to spend the day praying instead out at Ciyanjano. What a great day
it was. We started the day by checking out the ciyagayo at the campsite.
which is basically a mill for corn to grind it into mealie which is the
Zambian's staple food. We just finally got this all finished and it is a
HUGE success. Not only is it a great income generating project to help us on
the way to making our campground self sufficient, but it also is a huge
blessing to the neighboring community. I watched one young girl carry a
half of bag of mealie on her head down the hill to her house. I am not sure
I could have lifted it by myself let alone put it on my head:) There wasn't
a mill within a mile before. Then we spend some time praying, sharing,
reading the Bible, and about 3 hours of alone time, doing much of the same.
We came back together at the end to reflect on what God was saying to us and
praying for each one individually. I can see why Jesus set the example for
getting away with God because my soul is refreshed and encouraged and
knitted together with my brothers. On the way home we stopped by Peter
Zulu's church to see the newly built bridge. Pretty amazing this pieced
together bridge of railroad ties and damaged truck doors. This is such a
big deal I can't even tell you for this community and the fact that it is a
church/community school that did it is a tremendous gospel witness. While
inspecting the bridge, I was so close to these children that you see in the
pictures. Ringworm, runny noses, dirty... The poorest of the poor. I
rejoiced and I sighed. Such poverty. Will any of these be alive in two
years I wondered driving home... They loved me, wanting to shake my hands,
hold my hand. I often wish my friends and family could just have one day
with me in these places.
A great, humbling, refreshing, sobering day...

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