Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Faith of Leap

O.K, so I "borrowed" that title from this book I am reading, but it sure fits this picture well. A year and some change ago, a former youth student, Tyler Dingman, during his internship here in Africa, took the plunge and well, survived. And yet as scary as that was, the next leap of faith he will be taking, just might be a bit scarier. Tyler has listened/prayed/sought counsel and has determined that it is God's will for his life for him to come back to Africa and serve with ACTION Zambia. An amazing leap of faith for this young and mature man who wants to follow God wherever it may lead him... He will be serving in many roles over here in Zambia, but most importantly and strategically will be as the maintenance director at our Ciyanjano campground. We are on the verge of completing all the building and preparation for this camp to be up and functional. The water is finally hooked up and we are going to be building a bath house, and a few other construction items very soon. (We are in an experimental stage right now and with just a few of the camps that have been going on, we have seen great results and we are so excited for the potential of this place for children and adults.)

We are racing towards a significant date in the history of Ciyanjano...
ACTION Zambia is planning a celebration for the grand opening of Camp Ciyanjano.The founding couple for ACTION Zambia, Glenn and Liese Ripley, who had the vision to purchase this plot of land and sacrificed so much for this ministry, are coming back to dedicate this property and celebrate the future here in Zambia. Glenn will come from Friday 5 August through Sunday 14 August and the celebration will be held on Friday 12 August and Saturday 13 August. A pastors conference will likely be held at the front of Glenn's visit, with Glenn as a keynote speaker. Details are still in the works. There is much planning that needs to be done for this event, but we believe that the event is momentous for us as a team and for the ministry. We want to dedicate all of our endeavors to the Lord.

So, this is where Tyler comes in... WE NEED TYLER IN ZAMBIA... Kelly and Tricia Huckaby, the directors of the campground, just moved out to the Ciyanjano property and the amount of work they have to do to keep the place going is massive. They need help! Tyler needs help. We need your help!!

And it is my prayer and goal that he would be in Zambia by July 15.

He is ready to go.

All he needs is a bit of kwacha (money) and he needs it soon.

Oh, man, he is sooooo close. He has raised all the one time money he needs. He just needs 33.5 more people to commit to $50 dollars a month for two years or 67 at $25 a month... Seriously. That is all. PLEASE, could you consider joining my brother's team? Can you be one of the the mighty 67??? And if just being a part of his team weren't enough, he has promised an amazing photo of an Africa picture of your choice from his incredible photography gallery website.

So, you in? Here is the website for all the safe and secure giving details...

(and just to make it clear, you can give less than $25 or more than $50 dollars... just trying to make it clear how close we are!)

Thanks so much for helping us out!!! Can't wait to see how God answers this prayer!

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