Thursday, May 26, 2011

My day up north

I spent the day with Peter Zulu today. But before I get into this adventure of mine, I wanted to just walk you through the day. I think I am compelled to do this because what is just another day for me is seriously crazy. And I have to force myself to look at my life with your eyes so I can see the things that are just crazy. Like the above picture for example. This truck that has bags of cement decides to just unload his truck (or it broke down) right in the middle of this already insane intersection. And what can you do? Nothing is the answer.

So then I am driving to Peter Zulu's house. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.

The bridge is finished... They are hoping to put rails on it for protection, but I was just blown away by how great this was for the community. They community knows the church built this bridge. And no matter what religion or non religion they are, every satanist, witchdoctor and Christian is thankful for the church for this gift to the community. It seems to me to be what Jesus had in mind when he wanted us to be a light to the community, so that God would get the glory for all good works. So great!

Do you see the little girl posing there?

On the way to the church, we had to stop because they were working on the road... Hmm...

We just went around:) Through trees, over bush and well, around.

You wouldn't see this coming at you on I-5!

Here is the plot of land the Headman gave to the church. They are meeting here, and praying for a church building and a community school to be built. The closest school is a long, long, long ways away!

The church is small but their faith is big. Such a cool story about how he got connected to this remote village. He met one of the guys in his
community because of his daughter going to school. From there, after Peter
was a part of our Church Planting conference with our two ACTION
missionaries, Paul Goodner and Patrick O'Conner, Peter was able to see this area as
a potential church plant. So, he has been up there four times, and a church is begun.

Showing me the well which they draw water from... This guy lost his pen in his pocket when it fell into the well:)

Here Peter is preaching to the church, using my Iphone bible:)

Amazingly beautiful and amazingly rural.

Met these guys on the way out, passing out Mosquito blankets!

A great day... The most eye opening part was, no one in this church, has a bible. Not a one. The trainee pastor has to borrow from someone. The other had it burned in a fire... Can you imagine not having a Bible? Would it make any difference in your life if you didn't? My first priority... Get this church Bibles! Please pray for this church plant, that God would flourish in this rural place! Thanks so much!

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