Tuesday, May 03, 2011

See DC

I spent 22 hours with my friends Nathan and Tami Fenno in D.C. before my
flight. I had a few hours before my flight the next morning and went to see
the city. Instead of walking, I chose the biking option and had a blast
riding up and down the mall. It was pretty crazy being there the day after
Osama Bin Laden was killed. There was a big group outside the gate and a
bunch of reporters lined up just inside the gates. I was down by the capitol
and I saw an expo for the King James Version, celebrating 400 years since
its creation. It was actually a pretty cool display they had chronicling
the history of the bible through Jerome, Luther and Wycliffe who wanted to
make the Bible in the normal man's language. What a legacy of sacrifice has
been paid so that we might have a Bible we can read...

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Cami C said...

No way! I was in DC the same time as you! I was literally at the mall, the day after Osama was killed. I wish I had known and been able to see you!

-Cami C