Sunday, May 08, 2011

"Tyler"ing it all together...

So in case you missed my previous blog... Tyler is taking a huge faith of a leap! I wanted to share an email from my teammate, Kelly and Tricia Huckaby, who are directors of our Ciyanjano camp and conference center and the importance of having Tyler out, ASAP!

From Ciyanjano Centre

Greetings from sunny Lusaka, Zambia. My name is Kelly Huckaby and I'm a missionary with ACTION Zambia and the director of Camp Ciyanjano, our camping, conference, and retreat ministry to churches in the slums of Lusaka. Our purpose here is to provide spaces for local churches to hold youth camps, leadership conferences, trainings, and refreshing retreats for pastors and others in full time ministry. Besides providing affordable facilities for these groups that would otherwise not be able to afford camp, we also partner with local ministries to do evangelistic outreach to children. This is an awesome ministry and has a huge potential to build up and encourage local churches to reach out to their members and their communities for Christ. On top of these activities we we have a huge amount of development happening to make Camp Ciyanjano more suitable for larger groups for longer camps. If you've ever owned an old house or a large piece of property you know how much maintenance, upkeep, and work it takes to keep your investment from falling into ruins. Add the climate, termites, and rats we have here in Lusaka, we work hard to keep up with the basics. That's why we need Tyler. We need his knowledge and experience, his energy and excitement to help us manage a number of new building projects and to maintain, repair and beautify this ministry center. Please. Send. Tyler. We can't do it ourselves!

Thank You,

Kelly & Tricia Huckaby

Directors of Camp Ciyanjano

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