Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Well, I am not exactly new to this Zambia government thing but I sure felt
like it last month. I am guessing I am just getting the opportunity to make
the most of my experiences. Last March I went to the immigration building to
add Rhoda to our Work Permit. They told me come back in two weeks. I came
back a month or so later because, well, you know. I had to come back four
more times, spend at least an hour each time over the next month, because the permit was just
not there but somewhere. I th
ought I would include some pictures for your
viewing enjoyment.This first picture was a flyer posted on August 20, 2008 for the public. It was still up. And the purpose of the flyer was to better serve the public, and that better way? By only accepting payments in the morning.

This was the computer of lady who was helping me. Wires everywhere.

After you turn in the application for your permit and then come back in two weeks:), you have to look through these hand written books for your name, amidst hundreds of other names. They are categorized by date that the work permit is finished. So, seriously, it was amazing, you look for many, many minutes through all these names, while people around you are looking over your shoulder. They have computers, but I guess they figure they could legally torture all immigrants with a rite of passage to look through these books with medium to poor handwriting trying to find your name.

And here is the office.

And here is the empty chair of the lady who was helping me.

I survived, but will need to go back again in two months to get another 2 year update for the final 4 months of our time in Zambia.

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Erica said...

Hahaha, oh Steve, those pictures give me flashbacks!!!! I remember seeing that sign!