Wednesday, June 15, 2011


You know, being a missionary in Africa doesn’t mean you are perfect. And sometimes, situations get the best of you.  I blogged a week ago about how I took a stack of flyers that were advertising a witchdoctor and how I was going to burn them (I don’t have the link here because I deleted the post).


When you have seen the hurt that witchdoctors have caused and have seen the chaos like I have of a very real spiritual world, I sometimes do and then write about things that I later regret. 


A good friend called me out on it yesterday. This friend doesn’t even believe what I believe about God, but he said regarding my justification for what I did, “Doesn't matter where it is (regarding Africa)... If I had posted that I just convinced someone downtown to give me all his pamphlets of "jesus will set me free" brochures, and will use them to light my BBQ, would that be OK as well?” 


Though I see a difference between witchdoctor and Jesus, he still had a point.


I paused for a moment and then wrote back on the instant messaging, “Hmm... Good point.”  (What I didn’t mention then, what I will now, is that my wife had a similar point that I didn’t bother regarding or give her a chance to explain.) 


He then said, “The guy will probably go back to his box and hand out another handful. You can’t change a culture by taking brochures.  You do what you’re doing, from the inside out.” 


I wrote back, “I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks.” 


And that is exactly what we are doing here, trying to do here.  Our Bible school is 3 years with the same 15 guys, going deep, working through the culture with the Word of God, and changing guys, from the inside out. 


So, there it is.  An imperfect, passionate experienced missionary still learning... 


Steve Allen




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