Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The preaching begins...

As you probably already know, I am teaching through the book of Romans
during this quarter and the next. I decided early on that I would share the
wealth with my pastors. I picked a different passage in each chapter,
spreading them out over the 16 chapters and the 6 months we will be going
through this book. Though they picked these passages out of a hat randomly,
there is never randomness with God. This was proved true in the first sermon
that Pastor Anderson Jere preached. He preached on the passage from Romans
2:25-29. The taught that neither circumcision (as the Jews claimed) or
going to church or baptism or anything else we DO on earth will save you. It
is only by grace, by faith, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that we
can be made right with God. He shared an amazing testimony of his first
church experience where this church claimed they were the only true church.
Not only am I hoping to help these pastors learn how to preach this
extraordinary book, but I am also hoping that they still remember what we
taught them in the preaching class a few quarters back.
My fears were relieved. Pastor Jere preached great.
After each sermon, the pastors are allowed to share their feedback and that
was also encouraging to me as they were able to articulate not only what he
did well, but how the preacher could improve in the preaching model that I
have taught them.
All in all, a good start...

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