Saturday, June 11, 2011

A sensory packed morning

The bridge with friends...

One of the houses that Peter fixed up so he could rent for some income generation.

My little Steve is growing up!

Peter's three boys with my four (out of five) girls.

I took the Allen girls (minus Julia who was at a birthday party) to visit my
friend Peter in Garden yesterday. They hadn't seen the bridge since it was
completed and I took some aspirin to Peter for a massive toothache that he
was enduring. The girls were super impressed and it doesn't get old seeing
the bridge assisting the community in a sincerely amazing way. It was
interesting to observe my daughters reaction to this immersion in a
different culture. Rhoda, who knows what she is thinking, as a Zambian,
belonging, and yet very, very far removed. Kamryn and Bradyn had been there
before but it was very a sensory-packed morning as the bridge was packed
with people, the garbage was smoking something really bad, flies swarming
around, people chatting and staring and washing their clothes. After we
visited the bridge/church and then went to his house to see how he is
turning his old church space into rooms for people to rent and thus income,
we went to the brand new Manda Hill. I was wondering if the girls would
notice the contrast and sure enough, Kamryn said as we got out of the car,
"It sure is different to come here after being there, isn't it, Dad?" I
said, "I was wondering if anyone would notice. I am glad you noticed."

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