Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Visit to the Jungle

Well, it wasn't a jungle, but it was to JoJo. Steph asked, "Did you have fun?" She said, "Yes, I went to the jungle and we sang songs."

JoJo and I spent the morning with three of our pastors at "15 miles" in a rural area just north of Lusaka. This is my second trip in less than a month and the purpose for this trip was to give this young church plant some Bibles because they don’t have a one. This church plant is a direct result of two ACTION International missionaries being here and teaching our pastors about church planting. The light went on, some people were met, and now this church has been born. Thanks Patrick and Paul! Now I know it's a rough job I have over here giving Bibles in their own languages to new churches but someone has to do it. It was, well, pretty amazing. We picked up some Nyanga Bibles, Lenge Bibles, and English Bibles at the Bible society on the way out of town. We also got this thing called a Proclaimer. It is a solar powered, hand cranked audio bible in all languages. Simply amazing. They can hear the word of God spoken in their heart language during their service. AMAZING!!!! I just kept thinking about the $100 or so I spent on Bibles and how easily I spend $100 dollars on so many things and how significant this $100 felt. Bibles. I am still awestruck by the opportunity I had today. Joseph Zulu, Peter’s brother, joined us and preached a fiery sermon. Alfred also came along and preached as well. I also shared a short word. We gave out the Bibles to each person and it was so fun to see them reading them and engaging deeply in the whole morning church service under the tree. I found out later about two things that happened that I couldn’t tell because of the language barrier. One, some people actually committed their lives to Christ today, and others came forward for prayer. Second, Joseph pointed at me at one time during his message. I asked later what he said, and he said, “I told them. It was his responsibility to get us the Bible. He is done with his job. Now it is our responsibility to read the Bibles.”

I had a pretty funny and humbling moment after giving out the Bibles. JoJo who had been playing happily in the car, came over and said, “I have to go PooPoo.” Now, remember, I just finished passing out the Bibles at this historic moment in the life of the church. I said to Jojo, “You have to go or you did go...” I smelled and realized that my newly potty trained daughter had, well, you know, done the deed and now I had to clean it up, in the car, with flies and a church, sort of watching. And it got everywhere, and it was pretty nasty. But, it was perfect, too. I mean they were all shouting and clapping as they talked about receiving Bibles, and I was cleaning up my daughter in the rural “jungle” in the middle of nowhere Africa. It is life. And, it just fit, I guess. Life is messy that way.

The pastors were so excited afterwards. It was so great watching them minister. Joseph, on the way home even said, “I even preached the way you taught (in the preaching class.)” Of course, I didn’t know because I couldn’t understand him. He also said, “I didn’t want to really come. I needed to work and I have malaria, but I just didn’t have peace. I knew I needed to come.” I am glad I came as well. It’s not often you get the chance to give away Bibles to a new church in the middle of nowhere. Pray for this young church in rural Africa that the church may grow strong and that Peter Zulu will be able to continue shepherding this young church from his home in Lusaka.

In this picture I was speaking through Peter as a translator, speaking to the church about how cool this Proclaimer would be for their church.

I was sharing about the importance of the Bible and how it is like food and water to our soul.

JoJo entertaining herself in the car with her new friend.

Joseph preaching it up!

The elder reading out of his newly acquired Bible.

I love this picture of this young lady holding her ESV English Bible

This is probably my favorite picture. I just love JoJo looking intently at the church with her friend by her side and her hands wrapped around her arm.

Praying for the different members to receive Christ and for healing prayers.

Reading his new Chewa Bible.

Alfred preaching!

Church under the tree... Love it!

Singing in Zambia at its best... A picture does quite capture the joy that video does!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Steve, that is AWESOME! (The Bibles, not so much the poop, but life happens.)


Faith Comes By Hearing said...

Thank you for your Great Commission work and partnering with us in using the Proclaimer. God bless!