Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blessings from above...

My good friend (best man in my wedding/high school and college and roommate
after college) Matt Canlis spent the last three days with our family. We
haven't really had more than a few hours to hang out for probably 12 or so
years. It was a very sweet reunion! He lives in Scotland with his family
and ministers in a church near Aberdeen. He was on a ten day mission trip
to Kenya and then made his way down to Zambia. Oh, what a blessing this time
was to our whole family. This is one of my favorite pictures. These
pastors (left to right - Peter Zulu, Alfred Mwanza, Joseph Zulu and Patson
Sakala) are my closest friends here in Zambia pictured with my good friend
Matt. There are more, many more pictures of our adventure, which included a
conference, two classes, a safari and his 39th birthday, but this one will
more than do for today...

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