Thursday, July 07, 2011

Got your aTENTtion?

It continues to amaze me since I have been here in Zambia is how little it takes to make such a big difference. I guess it is one of the advantages of being on the ground. I can see and give, a little here and there, to make a big difference. I can use the money that people back home have given us to help others here. It's cool!

This blog is a similar example of how a little goes a long way. I went and visited, Bruce Kaumba, one of my pastors yesterday as he was putting on a conference through a YWAM short term team in his tent.

Now, here is the cool story about the tent. Pete Williamson, a pastor in the states, came over a few times to teach at our school and at a few conferences. He met Bruce and then when Bruce went to a conference in the states, Pete invited him to spend a few days with him at his church in Bellingham. Well, Pete's church decided to help raise money for Bruce to purchase a tent. And with a great find of land, right on a corner of the main road, Bruce traveled to South Africa with the money and they were able to put up a tent quickly that well, gets your attention! Really, really cool for so many reasons... I have seen how much Bruce has prayed, fasted, sacrificed and given, and to see how God has blessed his persistence is such an encouragement. And, it is cool that my friend and his church made a HUGE difference in this church and in Zambia. And, it is cool that this area where there is only one other church in walking distance, provides another place where the gospel can be heard and experienced. And, this area is growing, as urban sprawl continues, so it is primed beautifully to be there when the people come. Over time, they hope to buy this land and put up a permanent facility, but pang ono, pang ono as they say here in Zambia (bit by bit!) Anyway, pray for Bruce and his church, Sanctuary of Grace, that they may be a witness to the neighborhood around them and for wisdom to train his leadership to be prepared for this influx of new people. Bruce and I already talked about doing a leader training with his people. And Jeff, if you are reading this, you'll be teaching here when you come!

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