Saturday, July 09, 2011

Just a (not) simple little uneventful Saturday drive

There is NEVER a simple little uneventful drive in Zambia. Ever. If someone says there is, just know they are lying:) We made a trip down to see the future house of our good friends, the Whitfields. Check out their new ministry here! We made it there and back and had pictures to prove it.

It was so great seeing everything firsthand. A truly amazing place and we are excited for them to come back with the Roberts and minister in this needy place... Anyway, back to the drive. We were feeling a bit nostalgic driving down there through the wide open bush because our days are numbered here and there is nothing like Zambia in America. It is truly an incredible place. But, I think God just wanted us to have a few adventures a long the way and we documented them in picture!!! So enjoy the next few pictures with some good explanation!

We loved this store front - Bible covers!! And if you look closely it says "0" sizes.

We needed to buy some charcoal for our friend Luke. We decided to make this young guys day and buy it off his bike. His day was done!

You gotta love this African bus. Loaded sky high and seriously retro.

This was an amazing sight of cotton bales packed way high over the edges... Keep looking at pictures and you will see what happens later.

Just wanted to show you how fun it is to drive on these two lane roads with lots and lots of trucks driving 3 miles an hour.

Lots of high grass. I always wonder what David Livingstone was thinking when he was walking through this grass when he actually might encounter a lion.

We turned off the main road and this is the view of their valley.

The wheat has just been planted by the nearby farmer. Amazing.

Their house is cool but big time under construction!

A view from their front yard.

The kids went for a tractor ride!

Eating lunch on the car!

Notice the four little kids who stared at us the entire time we were there and wherever we went, they followed us.

A stream into the nearby dam.

We saw a wild ostrich on the way home. Don't see that very often in Seattle.

Jo in la-la land on the way back.

Remember that cotton truck. This one lost a few bales.

A car drove off the road and the entire city stopped to watch. Very sad.

Drove through Soweto and the markets.

This truck driver was driving like he was in a Honda Accord.

More markets.

Everything but the kitchen sink in here.

Who needs a truck when you have a wheelbarrow?

Crazy, good day!

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Herding Grasshoppers said...


Not exactly like hopping on I-5 and cranking out a hundred miles in a couple of hours, yah?

Been thinking about your days being short and praying for you all,

Julie and family