Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One for the ladies...

The ladies finally get to go somewhere! I am sure it is hard for the wives
not to be a little jealous of their pastor husbands and all the training and
time together they get at the Bible School. Well, this week is their turn!
They headed out via this big blue bus to Ciyanjano to have a pastor's wives
retreat led by the four women short term team from California. Stephanie
will be joining them tomorrow for the day, cooking, cleaning and serving the
short term team so they can focus on the wives. Please be praying for this
time, for healing, encouragement and fun, because honestly this is probably
the first (or second-last year) retreat that these ladies have ever been
on... They were like giddy little school children when I said goodbye at the
meeting place! It is a very difficult job to be a wife of a pastor, and
Africa is probably even harder. So, pray that this week (they come home
Thursday morning) would just full of joy and good health and the presence of
the Holy Spirit! Thanks!

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