Friday, July 08, 2011

Short Term, deja vu

If you traveled back in the blog archives, you would find a blog on a
women's short term team from Santa Cruz, California who ministered to the
ACTION pastors' wives last July. Well, they are back, again! This time they
are here for a bit longer, putting on a teachers training with one of our
schools as well as putting on another ACTION Pastors' wives retreat. I spent
the day with them yesterday, driving them around and watching them love on
the Zambians. They spent the morning at the school in Kanyama, and then we
took them to Patson's house to have tea with his wife, Patricia. And then I
took them to our pastors class to introduce them to the pastors. And then, I
took the tired and thrilled team back to their lodge. A good day for all...

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