Monday, August 15, 2011

Ciyanjano Dedication Weekend

There are quite a few pictures here, but we just wanted you to see the
amazing weekend that was the Ciyanjano Dedication. So much to say and yet
the pictures really do capture the two days spent out at Ciyanjano with our
pastors and their families. We sang, ate, cried, prayed, and dedicated the
property to God for His glory over these two days. It was such a beautiful
time, especially having Glenn Ripley there to celebrate with us. It was his
vision, dream and sacrifice that was a catalyst to making this dream a
possibility. My favorite time of the weekend was taking this picture of the
plaque. Here is a couple who sacrificed so much for the this retreat center
and it inspired me to realize how important it is that all I do be for
eternity. That is what will last forever. I am so looking forward to what
God will do in the place over the ensuing years.

Ever been on an Ox-Cart ride? We have!

Signing the guest book is sometimes funny in Zambia.

Tim giving a tour of Ciyanjano to the many Zambians.

All the AZ kids looking goofy!

Sooooooo cute!!!

Roasting a pig!!!

Looks kind of gross but tasted yummy!

Cooking Nshima isn't for a weak woman!

We are definitely all about Green here!

We had a huge awesome bonfire completed with amazing singing...

The dedication was on Saturday morning. Tim is here speaking to the 90 or so gathered.

I was the M.C.!

And I have a beautiful wife.

Glenn Ripley and I!

After the dedication, we spend some time praying before we laid the plague down in the Ripley Center.

The choir was amazing!!!

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Herding Grasshoppers said...


That is all AWESOME! Amazing!

But please... I'm pretty sure you laid down a plaQue and not the plaGue ;D