Monday, August 15, 2011

Pastor's Conference

I wanted to say a huge, huge, huge thank you for all those who prayed for
this pastor's conference. It was a significant, special time for all that
participated and attended the conference. We spoke on the gospel and how it
transforms us, daily, from the inside out... I was the Master of Ceremonies
the first day, and opened the conference by comparing the gospel to air.
When we are born and we take our first breath so we can live. But, after
that first breath, we don't stop breathing. The same air that gave us life
is the same air that gives us life. The gospel is air to our lives. Each
talk was built around this theme on how to apply the gospel to our lives.
Glenn Ripley and Bruce Gallaher each spoke twice and Tracy and I each spoke
once. My talk on the second day was on the glory of God and how to live for
the glory of God and not for the glory of others. Anyway, thank you for

Tracy and Derek sharing about the HIV/AIDS ministry.

The attenders...

Tyler, Tim and Tracy - The three T's!

Bruce Gallaher did a great job!

And me being my animated self!

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Bruce Ingram said...

Thanks Steve for the encouraging report. I was praying for this important and critical topic for the conference. I will pray that the brothers and those they disciple (and for all of us) will continue to know and experience Christ and His word in lives in transforming ways for His glory.