Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sunday church visiting

I took Bruce and Glenn to three churches this morning of pastors in our program that Glenn had worked with when he first began the Bible school program, some 11 years ago. I took along Kamryn and Bradyn for the fun, sweet and joyful ride.

Patson is showing Glenn and Bruce the progress that Trader's Point Church made on his church during their short term trip here a month ago.

Say Nshima!

Love having my girls join me at churches like this!

Glenn wasted no time in his preaching... Amazingly gifted as a preacher.

The church was all ears and eyes!

We then went to Alfred's church.

Thought this was funny... The two tall Mzungus in the front!

It is very cultural and traditional that the "honored" guests sit in the front!

Glenn greeted the church and Bruce preached a great message on love.

Kam, Bray posing with Pastor Alfred and his wife Setilda.

This is Obey Mwanza, the grandson of Alfred. It is a significant because Obey's mom and little brother both died, leaving him technically an orphan, but he is cared for by Alfred and Setilda. I try to love on Obey whenever I can...

The last stop was visiting Pastor Peter and his church in Garden. (and of course, little Steve in Peter's arm.)

Martin, a pastor in our program (yellow jacket) was also one of the first pastors in Glenn's class, way back when it first started.

There were about 20 street children who joined us in the service. Dirty, malnourished, unsightly - it was wonderful to have them in there as Glenn preached another good message and really tried to love and focus on these kids during his preaching.

I am not sure if you can see the color of this girl's hair, but it is a reddish brown, which means she is malnourished. So sad...

Bruce is amazing in his ability to connect with the people in the church, both in his speaking and his care for each person.

Glenn sharing with the pastors about life and trials... Good morning had by all!!!!

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