Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sweet Reunion

I know I have written a lot about Patson Sakala but in essence, what I have
written is hardly enough. He is such a interesting guy with so many
interesting life experiences. And, the stories, well, they just keep
writing themselves. In this chapter, I am showing you pictures of his
parents. I guess that it isn't too interesting except that he hasn't seen
his mom in 22 years or his dad in 10 years. So, in essence, Patson
introduced his mom to his children and his wife. Crazy, huh? She is here
from Mozambique for an eye problem. So, when Andy and Beth Rice were her
visiting, we went over and prayed with them. The picture of Patson with his
uh, brother. (He is the son of his father and his other wife. So what do you
call that?)

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