Friday, August 05, 2011

Welcome back home.

Welcome home, Glenn! The founder of ACTION Zambia, Glenn Ripley arrived today for a ten day visit with his pastor, Bruce Gallagher. They are here among other things to speak at a pastors conference that we are hosting on Monday and Tuesday. Glenn is also the guest of honor for the dedication ceremony of the Ciyanjano Camp and Ripley Center. It was great to see him today. Glenn is the main reason why we came to Zambia so we owe him much for this life-changing four years of our lives. It will be great to show him all the fruit of his many years of sacrificial sowing over the next 10 days. He had only one request, to hear the men sing a worship song... He got his wish and I got it on video. Well worth a 27 second watch!


Anonymous said...

I love their worshiping. Can you post more?

barb said...

This was so great. Made me smile all the way through even though I have no idea what they were saying in song.