Thursday, September 08, 2011

I hate goodbyes...

I have had a great time with Jeff but all good things except Heaven must end
sometime... So, I said goodbye this morning and I am left to relishing the
memories... I included a bunch of pics here... You know it feels a bit
awkward at times always putting these safari pics in, like I am trying to
rub it in. It is a little rough of a life to have to give people who come
over a chance to see the other side of Zambia, but someone has to do it...

Here is a picture of Jeff speaking at the Ngombe pastors' fellowship.

Our last day here, we went golfing. Why not? Jeff loves golfing and we had a good time! Now he can say he has golfed in Africa.

Jeff taught in Romans 6-8 to the Action Pastor's College.

On Tuesday, after class, we had to give Patson a ride home because his bike was broken, really bad. Jeff decided then and there that Patson had to have a new bike. And he had just enough money to make it happen. Normally Zambians are very reserved but Patson was so overjoyed he gave Jeff a monster hug. Knowing Patson and the financial struggle he is under continually, this was a huge, huge blessing!

We went to Livingstone and went on a safari. This elephant right here wasn't happy about that and sufficiently scared us something good.

We saw a baby Rhino with his mommy. AMAZING!!!!

You can see if you look closely, Elephants crossing the river and the spray from the Victoria Falls just behind it...

Jeff getting a kiss from a giraffe!

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