Monday, September 05, 2011

Preaching x 4

It is always a tricky job hosting a pastor from the states, to know how much is too much and yet balancing that with the desire to give them a full experience. I am not sure I will ever learn the exact balance but I do know that our Sunday was FULL. With two preaching messages at two different churches and two messages at a leadership conference, needless to say, Jeff was a bit beat at the end of Sunday. But, many were encouraged by his teaching so we are thankful for that.

Pastor(s) Mumbi(s) leading True Worshippers Bible Church in Kanyama... A cool father and son duo leading this church are in our ACTION Pastor's College!

Here Jeff is preaching at Sanctuary of Grace Church in Makeni, just up the street from Mumbi's church. This church is led by Bruce Kaumba who is also in our pastor's class.

Here Jeff is talking with Pastor Bruce about the land where his church tent was stolen.

We had a time of prayer with Bruce and his leaders about this land and the future of the church.

Bruce and his wife Christobel had a son 11 days ago!!!

Jeff preached at the conference about Gospel Transformation.

After the conference, we gave the Veritas Graduates their certificates. Always a fun time of celebrating.

Here is a picture of all the people who graduated from the second module in the inductive Bible study course that we taught Bruce and that Bruce taught these students. Our prayer and challenge to them is that they will then teach others. A good day!

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