Sunday, October 23, 2011

Farewell Church Tour, part 1

It seems a bit surreal, that is for sure, to be starting a farewell church tour.  I picked a hot time to do it, 95 degrees today.  We have just 53 days left before we come home and I wanted to get to a bunch of churches before I left. So,  I started today, visiting Pastor Jere's church in Valley View.  It was a special day to be there for a number of reasons.  My friendship with Pastor Jere started at pretty much the inception of this church.  I preached and visited several times when it was in its rented location. And then this happened.  And slowly but surely, they have built up this church. The outer walls are complete and they are getting it done. But what was more amazing to me was what is going on inside the walls. The church has grown and there are many young men are in the church. Pastor Jere is an amazing leader and trainer and pastor.  Here is just one example from a  previous blog.  What is so uncommon in Zambia, in training other leaders, Pastor Jere has focused entirely on and it is paying off huge. It is amazing how understated and quiet this man is and yet what a legacy of leaders he is leaving in his wake.  I hoped to encourage them in my preaching, but I left way more encouraged than I could have ever given. 

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Anonymous said...

dude. I love it when i go to help someone, and i end up gaining more from them, than what I gave. It is awesome. I bet you have lots of stories like that