Thursday, October 06, 2011

Answered prayer observer

This is an awesome picture of Patson and my daughter Jo-Jo! Patson came
over for breakfast the other day so we could talk about his school and help
him write up a plan for the future. There are some great ministries
wanting to be involved in helping him with the school in the area of
training teachers and building construction, but the first step is really
putting his vision on paper. We are are working together to help think
through what the logical next steps should be. Patson is a dreamer and I
have seen God answer incredible, crazy, way out there dream/prayers. So, I
find a great bit of tension with helping him think through what is logical
and what is faith because I don't want to squelch but I also want to help
him be able to get to the next step. Anyway, all that to say, please pray
for Patson and his school/church. He is on the cusp of some amazing
progress and needs your prayers. He has 77 students in his school, two
volunteer teachers, no money for a feeding program so instead he just shares
from the food his family makes and he also shares with the 77 kids, his one
pit latrine. So, as you can see, there are lots of needs. I am hoping to be
able to be a liaison and help out however I can next year.

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