Sunday, November 20, 2011

Farewell Church Part IV

Today I finished off my farewell church tour with three pastors and
their churches, Pastors Patson Sakala, Alfred Mwanza and Peter Zulu. I
really only spent about 30 minutes at each place; just enough time to say
thanks and share a word of encouragement from the scriptures. It was
meaningful and special to hear each pastor share about how much they value
my friendship and encouragement.
It is always interesting to see what women are carrying on their heads.  This morning I saw one lady carrying a battery on her head and another had a huge bag of something.
Patson and I posing for a picture, successfully taken by Julia.
Patson's daughter, Cherie, really wanted JoJo to come to church today.  It made for a bit of stressful morning having this active little lady in my Church Farewell Tour without a mom to help out... But we survived.

My second  church stop was  at Alfred's  church. I came in during a time of worship and prayer, so know one really saw me come in. I love this picture of Pastor Alfred and his wife Setilda kneeling in prayer on the ground.  Notice my little buddy Obey looking at me. I loved watching the youth lead worship. It has been very encouraging to watch the progress of this church

My third  stop was with Peter Zulu. He told me as I was entering the church that he was mixing things up today, after a challenge I had during class last week. That made me smile.
These 20 or so kids followed us from the street into the church.
A great picture from the perspective of what it is like to be a blond girl in a compound  church:) 

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